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‘We rise by lifting others.’

– Robert Ingersall

Our Team

Our team is truly what makes us unique! Not only is our team highly trained having experience across many platforms of treating and teaching but they practice what they preach, walk the talk and a living examples that movement, nutrition and mindfulness matter.

Each teacher structures their class to reflect each ones unique personality and creative background and most of all we all share a deep passion of helping students become the best version of themselves.

Each practitioner genuinely cares and listens to each person that walks in our clinic, focusing on management and true follow through of any condition even if that means referring to specialist or practitioner we make sure each person gets to  health and vitality.



Dr Angela Baklis
B.App Sci (Comp Med) .M.Ost

Dr. Angela Baklis is the founder of The A Life. After 8 years in clinical practice treating a broad range of conditions and teaching rehabilitative pilates Angela noticed her patients needed more than just hands on treatment to target the root cause of her patients’ conditions. Today Angela is also a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and now uses all these avenues to help chronic pain and complicated conditions.

Angela has an integrative approach Osteopathic treatment, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle factors to treat the root causes of why the disease or problem has developed in the first place. By educating patients on the amazing healing capabilities of the body when it is fed good nutrition, it moves with ease and is stress free – Angela has had amazing results with patients who have been dealing with pain, hormone imbalances and inflammation for years. Having completed further study in Obstetrics and Osteopathy as well as Urogenital Osteopathy Angela also loves supporting women through their pregnancy and recover.

Whilst living living in Paris, Angela taught pilates to many dancers and since has taught around Melbourne. She is also a qualified Strala Yoga Guide.

In her spare time Angela loves researching the latest studies in integrative medicine and continues her obsession with creative movement and dance.

  • Member of Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Rehabilitative Pilates Instructor
  • Certificate of Global Posturalogy
  • Qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Movnat level 1 trainer
  • Urogenital Osteopathy level 1
  • Strala Yoga Guide

Dr Liana Arestia
B.App Sci (Comp Med) .M.Ost

Liana is a registered Osteopath and member of the Osteopathy Australia Association, after graduating from Victoria University with a Bachelor degree in Clinical Science and a Masters degree in Osteopathy.

With a background in a variety of sports including dancing and netball and working as a sports trainer for her local football club, Liana developed a strong interest in Osteopathy from a young age.

Having worked both in her home town, in country Victoria as well as inner city Melbourne, Liana has a range of experience in treating patients from all ages, backgrounds and occupations.

Liana has a passion for applying her knowledge in biomechanics and functional movement to assess and treat both acute and chronic injuries. She believes in a multi-faceted approach to health and well-being and uses her knowledge in nutrition, exercise, and rehabilitation to help patients achieve their goals.

When not working, you can find Liana scouting Melbourne’s cafés for the best breakfast spots or going for walks around her country home town. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends and baking up a storm in the kitchen.

Click here to book an Osteopathic appointment with Liana.

Dr Fauntine Lariba
B.App Sci (Clin. Sci) .M.Ost, B. N.

Fauntine is a registered Osteopath with a background in nursing, yoga and personal training. Her passion for Osteopathy began whilst studying nursing when she realised that most patients lacked proper education and Osteopathic treatment could have prevented many of them from needing surgery. She wanted to help the over-burdened healthcare system by working outside the hospital setting, in the realm of prevention.

By working as a personal trainer and yoga instructor for the past 5 years, Fauntine has been able to combine her fitness experience and clinical knowledge to help a number of clients and patients reach their goals.

Outside of her work, Fauntine has a passion for breakdancing. She has a lot of fun spinning around and balancing in unusual positions whilst expressing herself with the music, the challenge of blending strength and creativity makes for an intriguing riddle. Prior to taking up dancing, Fauntine was a competitive hockey player and competed at a national level in Taekwon-do.


  • Member of the Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Yoga instructor (YogaFit)
  • Personal Trainer (Wyn)
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • Powerlifting coach (Powerlifting Australia)
  • Dan John certified strength coach (Art of Coaching)
  • Black belt in Taekwon-do (ITF)
  • Bgirl

Annalise Maddrell
Adv. Dip Nut Med, ATMS

Annalise’s philosophy when working with clients is body, mind and soul. At the core, her approach is
built upon simplifying nutrition and supporting it through mindfulness and lifestyle practices.

Annalise is a firm believer that healthy eating should be simple, uncomplicated and full of abundance.  She centres her practice on the philosophy of ‘back-to-basic’ nutrition; posing the question, “Is what I’m doing, thinking, feeling and eating, going to help me lead a full and healthy life, or not?”

Annalise was drawn to study an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, as she struggled with hormonal imbalances and severe acne as a teenager, and again later in her early 20s when she was diagnosed with PCOS. Her experience in overcoming PCOS through nutrition,
ignited a fire in her to empower others to do the same for themselves.
In becoming an accredited practicing nutritionist, Annalise hopes to specialise in helping women and young girls overcome hormonal imbalances. She strives to educate people, from all walks of life, on how to eat healthy without over complicating it.

Her aim is to teach people how to be the healthiest, most revitalised versions of themselves. Annalise’s
passions include women’s reproductive health – fertility, PCOS, thyroid health – hypothyroid
+ hyperthyroid, gut health + microbiome dysbiosis, detoxification and anxiety.

Annalise’s clinical approach involves looking at the whole you, with a holistic treatment plan examining dietary and lifestyle factors, including but not limited to physical movement and mindfulness; as these contribute to your current state of health, factoring in each piece of
the bigger puzzle.

A day in the life of Annalise usually involves a morning walk with her beloved dog Max, a daily almond latte, time spent cooking in the kitchen trialling new smoothie bowls or ‘back-to- basics’ recipes, or wherever possible with a new book in her hand, feeding her passion for learning. In her holistic approach, Annalise is quick to acknowledge the benefits of coffee, a quality dark chocolate and an organic wine, being an advocate for a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Annalise is a firm believer in living your best life, one that is filled to the brim with positive energy, big dreams and supportive loved ones.

Quote I live by:
“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself” – The Wizard of

Hana Dawson
Yoga & Pilates instructor

Hana is a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher with a background in competitive artistic gymnastics and ballet.

Her interest in Yoga and Pilates began after completing full time dance training. At first her goal was to loose weight and maintain flexibility but she soon realised the importance of self love and a mindful practise for overall wellbeing. After exploring yoga all over Melbourne she decided to go to India, the heart of yoga, to learn about the philosophy, history and way of life.

Since becoming a teacher Hana has worked with people of all different levels, backgrounds and goals. Her classes cater for different levels with an emphasis on mindful movement, alignment and play. Her main intention is to guide students to connect with their bodies and get out of their heads.

Outside the studio you will find Hana performing with Melbourne based dance companies, choreographing her own work and going to strong yoga or acrobatics classes.

Chris Kelly
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Chris is passionate about educating and empowering his clients in understanding their bodies, and using Pilates as a form of functional movement in achieving their optimal goals.  Having a multi-faceted background in health with his studies in Chinese Medicine and Massage, as well as teaching experience overseas, Chris constantly strives to learn and be inspired by the Pilates Method and other forms of therapies and movement in building his individual approach to best help his clients.

Joe Fallon
Strength, Movement & Hand-balancing Teacher

Joe has a background in Karate, Japanese Jui Jitsu, rock climbing and various other sports. After several years training himself and friends for outdoor and competition climbing as a hobby, he made the move into coaching as a full time profession in 2014.

Joe has always had a passion for learning and developing new skills and discovered the Ido Portal Method and the world of “movement” in 2013. Ido’s teachings have inspired him to develop his own unique movement practice and approach to teaching.  Joe has worked with people from all walks of life, from fighters and competitive climbers, to troubled teenagers and the elderly.

– Ido Portal Movement X, The Corset and Online Coaching
– Handbalancing with Yuval Ayalon
– Movement Archery with Tom Weksler
– Poliquin Group Program Design and Periodisation
– Movement Camp 2017 Ido Portal

Juan Rueda
Movement research student & teacher
Ido Portal Method-Mentorship Program participant

Juan Rueda is a performer, movement student and researcher born in Bogotá, Colombia. A graduate from the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and the prestigious Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) in France.

He has worked and collaborated with many circus, dance and theatre companies worldwide.With 15 years of experience teaching gymnastics, capoeira, strength and conditioning and circus arts.
Juan is currently a participant of the Ido Portal Method Mentorship Program.

Holly Durant

Pilates Instructor

Holly Durant is a passionate Pilates instructor and professional dancer, who has been teaching in health and fitness venues for more than fifteen years and practising Pilates for the last twenty years. Holly holds a diploma of professional Pilates practice from the Pilates International Training Centre as well as a Bachelor of Dance from the Victorian College of the Arts and a Diploma in Ballet from the Queensland Dance School of Excellence. Her interest in dance and movement, as well as a spinal injury as a young ballerina, led her top deep exploration of functional anatomy, kinesiology, ideo-kinesis and the Feldenkrais method – all of which are integrated into her methodology. Holly specialises in women’s health, pre and post natal work and specific elite training and injury rehabilitation. “I am a truly dedicated to Pilates practice and love to pass on its brilliance to bodies that need it!” 

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