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Functional Gut Testing

Why you should do it and what you will learn from it.

At The A Life, we prides ourselves on getting to the root cause of any dis-ease in the body. Which often leads up to investigating gut health. Starting with your gut, allows us to work with you to manage your symptoms holistically.

Some people undergo gut testing due to digestive complaints of constipation or diarrhoea, bloating, gas, cramping, food intolerances, reflux etc. For others it relevant to energy and fatigue, mood and cognition, fluid retention, weight management, hormone imbalance and autoimmune conditions. 

So why do we use a stool test?

  1. We test so we don’t guess!

This is a big thing for us here at The A Life. We don’t want to practice “trial and error” with you. We want to know what’s going on in your gut so that we can get really specific about how we can support your gut and more so, how your gut might be the root cause for other issues you are experiencing systemically in your body.

  1. See what you can’t see.

What’s going on in your gut can only be uncovered by a stool test. With this we are able to access information regarding what inhabits your gut, how your body is digesting and absorbing and if there are any other influencing factors to your gut health and overall health.

  1. The Facts and you.

Not every gut protocol is created equally. Some people might think they have a formula for how to manage bloating, reduce constipation or relieve other gastrointestinal symptoms. And more of the time they might work. But instead we want to have the facts so that we can formulate and individualised treatment approach to suit your needs and individual case. Nutrition isn’t a poncho… it’s not one size fits all.

What does a stool test tell you?

We got a lot of important information out of the stool test, that goes beyond the gut.

The stool test gives us a break down of the macroscopic (what you can see with the naked eye) and microscopic (what you can’t) depiction of your stool. What this tells us is if there is any inflammation or food remnants – which is an indicated of how well your body is digesting particular foods.

Next up, we get a break down of your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients. This is important because as they say “you are what you eat” but more so “you are what you absorb!”. So if we see that perhaps fats or proteins aren’t being adequately digested we start to think why. Does your stomach acid need support or perhaps it’s your liver and detoxification pathway. The insight really goes beyond the gut and can be applied holistically.

We also get insight into specific factors like gut pH and a particular enzyme – beta-glucuronidase. This enzyme is important because it influences liver detoxification and can ultimately disrupt women’s hormones. Again, beyond the gut!

Ultimately the crux of the stool test is to understand where your beneficial bacteria are at. It also provides an analysis of pathogenic bacteria in the gut, yeast infection and parasites. More often than not I see a combination of two or more in the clinic. In some cases it could “simply” be intestinal dysbiosis. This is an imbalance of bacteria, lacking in good or beneficial bacteria and have an abundance of pathogenic or bad bacteria. Even though this seems minimal, it can have a big impact. Our gut microbiome after all is the powerhouse of our immunity, inflammatory response, supports the production of neurotransmitters, digest our food and assimilate our nutrients so this shouldn’t be disregarded.

Treatment for intestinal dysbiosis is effective and relatively straight forward. With yeast infections come a few more dietary restrictions (in the short term) and parasites can be a little more stubborn. But overall, everything can be overcome. The report also provides an indication of the effectiveness of natural remedies and steers us in a direction to provide a personalised treatment plan for you.

So why should you do a stool test?

Well first I ask, wouldn’t you want to know? Know what’s going on in your gut. How you could optimise your health and feel better in all ways. Get to the root cause of your dis-ease in the body and overcome your health concerns.

Statistically speaking I’ve also never had a client complete the test and not need to undertaking the Gut Repair Program in order to restore their gut health. Chances are that you might have some intestinal dysbiosis, a yeast infection or picked up a parasite along the way. Sometimes these can lay dormant and you could be symptom free. Or perhaps they are influencing your health in other ways.

If you haven’t already download our FREE Gut Health Evaluation Quiz to see if your gut might need some support.

And if you’re interested in doing a stool test and perhaps embarking on the Gut Repair Program then book in for a FREE 20 minute Introductory Nutrition Assessment Consult to see if it’s the right fit for you!

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