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Introducing Annalise Maddrell – Resident Nutritionist

Meet our resident Nutritionist at The A Life, Annalise who has recently relocated from the beaches in Sydney to Carlton North.

Annalise’s philosophy when working with clients is body, mind and soul. At the core, her approach is built upon simplifying nutrition and supporting it through mindfulness and lifestyle practices.

Annalise is a firm believer that healthy eating should be simple, uncomplicated and full of abundance.  She centres her practice on the philosophy of ‘back-to-basic’ nutrition; posing the question, “Is what I’m doing, thinking, feeling and eating, going to help me lead a full and healthy life, or not?”

Annalise was drawn to study an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, as she struggled with hormonal imbalances and severe acne as a teenager, and again later in her early 20s when she was diagnosed with PCOS. Her experience in overcoming PCOS through nutrition,
ignited a fire in her to empower others to do the same for themselves.  In becoming an accredited practicing nutritionist, Annalise hopes to specialise in helping women and young girls overcome hormonal imbalances. She strives to educate people, from all walks of life, on how to eat healthy without over complicating it.

Her aim is to teach people how to be the healthiest, most revitalised versions of themselves. Annalise’s  passions include women’s reproductive health – fertility, PCOS,  thyroid health –hypothyroid & hyperthyroid,  gut health & microbiome dysbiosis,  detoxification and anxiety.

Annalise’s clinical approach involves looking at the whole you, with a holistic treatment plan examining dietary and lifestyle factors, including but not limited to physical movement and mindfulness; as these contribute to your current state of health, factoring in each piece of
the bigger puzzle.

A day in the life of Annalise usually involves a morning walk with her beloved dog Max, a daily almond latte, time spent cooking in the kitchen trialling new smoothie bowls or ‘back-to- basics’ recipes, or wherever possible with a new book in her hand, feeding her passion for learning. In her holistic approach, Annalise is quick to acknowledge the benefits of coffee, a quality dark chocolate and an organic wine, being an advocate for a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Annalise is a firm believer in living your best life, one that is filled to the brim with positive energy, big dreams and supportive loved ones.

Quote she lives by: “You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself” – The Wizard of Oz.

Annalise is available for Nutrition Consultations at The A Life on Thursdays and Saturdays, and also has an upcoming workshop On March 3rd called Food For Thought, you can book your ticket here.

  1. thealife_admin30.12.18
    Hi Anna, we do consults over the phone via facetime. You can book in for a free nutrition consult and just put "phone consult" in the notes. We would be happy to help you!
  2. anna saleh22.12.18
    Hi annalise I i HAve been recommended to your website by your mother , im 45 years old doind the paleo / scd diet for nearly 2 years i have crohns disease and i was hoping if you can recommend a nutritionist in sydney that has experience with IBD (irritable bowel disease) i would love to see you but your based in Melbourne and i prefer 0ne on one sessions Thank you so much for your time
  3. joe finneran27.06.18
    Hi My name is Joe. My wife, Helen, and I are on the City of Melbourne’s Local Food Launchpad/Accelerator Program. From our start up research we are hoping to talk to a nutritionist about the importance of the link between the food we eat and how it is grown. We are hoping to learn about why food is important to you, how you/your consumers choose food and what you find challenging about our current food system. Our project is focusing on understanding if there is a market demand by Melburnians for nutritional food grown locally in a healthy environment. Thus, given your experience and knowledge it would be awesome to interview you over the phone for roughly 20-30 minutes to understand your views/thoughts. At a time that works for you. We sincerely would appreciate your insights and time, Joe

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