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"Great Community Feel"

"A wonderful place to come and spend part of your day. Great community feel, the classes are nice and small, you get lots of close attention. Oh and the variety is amazing. Bring on the movement revolution!" ”

Our Story

Ange & Marty here, we are the friendly founders of The A Life.  We are obsessed with movement and love exploring and sharing what our bodies can do. 

From our early days of travelling around the globe with freestyle dance (that's how we met!), taking multiple Yoga trainings through Strala Yoga in the US, learning Rehab with the Pilates method, Natural movement exploration and developing our own Strength & Mobility practice from experts in the field -  We have developed our movement practice for over 10 years and it is now just part of our life!

We love sharing the benefits of our mindful movement lifestyle and having fun with our community in person and online. 



Where we started...

We started The A Life in 2017 because Ange (an Osteo for over 10 years) wanted to shift her purpose from "fixing people' to empowering people to learn how to move well and feel good in their bodies.  

We had a vision to create a lifestyle brand and space where people can feel welcome with our down to earth community.  So you wont feel intimidated to try new things and be yourself from the moment you walk in. 

Quality of movement is our number one priority, so you can feel confident in getting started without injury and at your own pace. 



We live, breathe and embody our movement philosophy

Being active doesn't have to be boring, nor do you have to "thrash" your body to be "fit".  We drop the "no pain no gain" mentality and focus on getting stronger, feeling calm and free and building confidence in moving and feeling good in your body.  

When you develop coordination, strength and freedom everything in your life works better and has a ripple effect to everyone around you! 



“The principles that Ange & Marty equip you with,

apply to every part of your life. They have a great selection of classes to choose from to build your movement practice."

"The studio is perfect: light filled, contemporary and minimal.

Liana is a fantastic Osteopath and I am grateful to have come across the A Life. A holistic approach to treatment that a lot of practitioners fail to do.
Great people, great location. Highly recommend!"

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