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squat challenge

Join us for our FREE Community Squat Challenge in August.

Inspired by Ido Portal we will take the challenge together to squat (ass to grass) every day for 30 days…

How does the squat challenge work?

  1. You sign up to our squat challenge via the button below
  2. You will be invited to join our Facebook page, where we will post weekly tasks/challenges.
  3. A “before” photo of your deep squat will be required
  4. Every day you will accumulate as many minutes as you can in a deep squat.  You can track this by using the “start” on the stopwatch of your iphone every time you spend time in a resting squat.
  5. At the end of each day you will put the amount of minutes you spent in squat into our spreadsheet with your name on it.  The ultimate goal is reach 30 minutes in squat everyday for 30 days but you can start with whatever amount of time is achievable and increase from there. (see below for beginner ideas)
  6. An “after” photo of your deep squat will be taken at the end of the 30days.  We also have prizes to be won for the most engaged participants and most improved!

Why the deep squat?

If you have been wearing shoes and sitting in chairs your entire life there is a good chance you will find a deep squat a physical challenge that causes excessive pain or pressure.  However the deep squat is basic human position that we used to do all the time. 

Improving your deep squat has so many benefits, Including;
– ankle, knee, hip and thoracic mobility
– Improve your pelvic floor health
– Prevent hip and knee surgery!
– Prevent constipation
or look at it this way… avoidance of it leads to nothing good! So let’s make it part of our day!

I'm ready to join The Squat Challenge

What are the guidelines?

deep squat

1. No REST days during the 30 days.

2. Relaxed spine – no need to try to remain erect or with neutral spine. Its a RESTING position.

3. Width between the feet – around shoulder width apart but should be individualized and experimented with – aim for maximal depth and relaxation.

4. How much feet should be turned out or should they be facing forward? Don’t let anyone sell you the idea of ONE perfect position – this should be individualized and experimented with – aim for maximal depth and relaxation.

5. Knee pain? Hip pain? stand up and move around. Resume the squat and work in small short bursts of squatting throughout the day.

6. Footwear? Best – barefoot. Second best – minimal footwear.

7. Keep your heels on the floor if possible. If impossible, try a small heel support until you gain the proper mobility to squat flat foot on the ground.

8. True sign of good squatting? When you get tired from STANDING – you squat and not vise versa! True story!

9. How deep should you squat? There is only one answer – DEEPER.

Options for beginners!

Option 1. Depending on how much assistance you need to prevent you from losing balance – get a small weight plate at the gym or if at home a small book, towel or raise block can be used to slide under the heel of your foot to prevent you falling backwards and losing balance. Obviously the more assistance your need then the bigger the raised item will need to be that you put under the heel of your foot.

Option 2. Squat down as far as you can, just before you fall backwards on your bum grab a hold of a door or ledge so that you can balance yourself in that position using the support of your arms.

Why do it with The A Life community?

  • We have prizes to be won!
  • Accountability! When we commit as a group there is more chance we will follow through
  • You also join our facebook group, where will have weekly challenges for you to try
  • Track your progress, we will give you all the tools to accumulate your minutes and visually track your improvements!
  • Support.. You can ask away any questions during the 30days in our community facebook page and we will help you navigate concerns, pain and help you accelerate your results!


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