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  • A 6 month all-inclusive program to support you in eliminating dis-ease in the gut and restore gut health.


  • This program is both tailored and supportive, as you are guided and coached by our team at The A Life.


We’ve long know that our gut health is that the root of all disease in the body…

Our gut is the site of digestion and absorption of all our nutrients, home to our immune system, responsible for creating 70-90% of our neurotransmitters that help regulate mood and so much more.   

With the latest research and science we support you through this program to heal the root cause of ill health – the GUT.  


Understanding what is going on in your gut is a really important place to start on your gut healing journey.

But how do you know what’s going on in your gut? How do you see the unseen?

This is where Functional Medicine Testing comes in.  We don’t waste any time by guessing, we TEST! 

We live in a time where are lucky enough to have access to what we believe is the future of medicine.

Using a comprehensive stool test, we are able to get right to the information we need, so we can tailor the program specific to your results.  


Anyone who experiences the follow gut related or unrelated health concerns:

  • Persistent bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhoea
  • Flatulence, reflux, nausea, distention, cramps or other GIT pain
  • Food intolerances or sensitivities
  • Skin sensitivities – acne, psoriasis, eczema Fluid retention
  • Hormonal imbalances – PCOS, oestrogen dominance
  • Thyroid issues – hypo or hyperthyroid Weight gain or management issues
  • Low energy and constant state of fatigue

This program works by keeping you accountable and providing you with tailored one-on-one support.

There are three core aspects to the program:


We educate you on how to eat to rid pathogens in the gut, reduce bloating, decongest the digestive system and restore gut health. We provide you with a detailed breakdown on the foods that harm, the foods that heal and any grey area in between. We break down the steps in your dietary changes, so that it’s not overwhelming or unachievable. You achieve your health goal is our biggest priority.


We used well researched, scientifically backed supplements in order to eliminate gut pathogens and rebalance good and bad bacteria. We provide you all the supplements you need at each consultation, which are built into the cost of the program to make it fuss free and easy for you to maintain.


While we know what we eat has a huge impact on our gut health, we also can’t forget that what we think, our stress levels and our overall lifestyle hugely impacts our gut and its ability to heal. We will look at you as an individual, addressing any specific health concerns you have. In particular we will address stress and mindfulness practices, as stress is the leading factor in poor gut health.

What’s included?

  • 8 x 1-1 consultations with our Nutritionist
  • Nutritional guidelines and education
  • Meal Plan & Recipes
  • Gut Cleanse 
  • All supplements 
  • Ongoing email support throughout
  • Tailored plan to suit your needs

Book your Free 20 minute consult to see if this program is for you

What our clients are saying…

Brianna, 23, years old 
“My main goal on embarking on the Program was to improve my overall gut health, reduce the candida in my gut, and reduce some acne and feelings of fatigue.  I felt support during the program because I had monthly check ups with Annalise – She helped create goals for me on a month-to-month basis. She was fantastic in keeping me accountable in sticking to the protocol. Annalise was also super helpful in providing wonderful recipes that suited the protocol – this made life that much easier!
Since completing the Gut Repair Program I feel In control of my gut health and far more energised! I hardly experience an upset stomach, which was frequently occurring before, since completing the protocol. I’m far more educated on the topic of gut health, and learnt some really good tips and tricks which I still implement into my day-to-day life.  
All of the staff at The A Life, are such warm people, and make for a comfortable and inviting experience. I immediately feel happy on arrival because of this. Annalise was incredibly supportive throughout the protocol, and gave me many wonderful resources. I fully trusted all of her advice, and can still say I do after experiencing such positive changes to my health. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon The A Life! “

Chris 29 year old,
I felt supported in reaching my goals because I was always equipped with the tools, which were constantly altered dependent on the stages I was in through the program.  The most significant overall change I noticed since commencing the Gut Repair Program is an overall increase in my energy level, & diminishing of a general “foggy headedness. 
I would describe the process as eye opening and truely rewarding for my long-term health.  Annalise was consistently supportive and has a very practical approach to nutrition.”

Sarah, 28 years old female 

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