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Archive for September, 2018

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In the Spotlight: Chris Kelly

Posted on: September 21st, 2018 by thealife_admin in No Comments

In the spotlight is our loveable pilates instructor Chris Kelly who has attention to detail like no other!

What does optimal health mean to you? 

Physical, mental and emotional alignment – returning and maintaining one’s state of equilibrium creates the best environment for overall healing.

What do you love about the work you do? 

Having a naturally curious mind, I love working with people from all walks of life and creating a space for information and experiential sharing. To be able to do this as my work and to be a part of their journey of empowerment to bettering their health is a true privilege. And in Clinical pilates, I have found the perfect complement to express my creativity through movement and problem-solving the best approach to treatment through biomechanics. 

Favourite condition/s to treat? 

My enjoyment/appreciation in treatment is not necessarily confined to a condition – it is always about the person that is in front of me at that moment in time.  

Favourite way to move your body?

I enjoy exploring many realms of mindful movement, both new and familiar.  At the moment, I include a regular practice of pilates (exploring both contemporary and classical), yoga and Ido Portal.  Mindful movement has always resonated with me, and I appreciate the importance and functionality of understanding primitive movement patterns.

What podcast are you currently listening to? 

Oprah’s supersoul and Pilates Unfiltered

Your ‘must do’ daily health practice?

Though I do not have a conscious ‘must do’ practice, I find myself indirectly practicing a moment of gratitude at some point throughout the day.

Favourite quote? 

Everything in moderation, including moderation – Oscar Wilde


Upgraded Turmeric Latte

Posted on: September 11th, 2018 by thealife_admin in No Comments

I learnt this recipe from my friend Nicole Joy, and absolutely love how you can make an already amazing elixer even more upgraded!

Firstly incorporating more Turmeric into you diet is always a good idea! It’s natural anti-inflammatory effects on the body can help prevent many chronic diseases and help alleviate joint pain.

Secondly let’s talk about the amazing antioxidant components of doTerras Protective blend, OnGuard.  This blend includes Wild orange, Clove, Cinnamon & Eucalyptus.  Did you know clove oil is one of the highest known edible anti-oxidants in the world?  This added bonus of Onguard to the elixr also adds amazing immune boosting properties!

Turmeric Golden Latte 

  1. Warm your milk
  2. In a large mug, mix together the remaining ingredients and stir until a paste is formed.
  3. Slowly mix in the warm/hot mylk
  4. enjoy!

Free the Arms… And the rest shall follow

Posted on: September 10th, 2018 by thealife_admin in No Comments

Let’s start with a few key points about the “arm swing”.

Walking is not just an isolated leg exercise, it is a gentle whole body massage whereby the force from ground is transmitted up from our feet to the top of our head. The forgotten motion of arm swing is important and is more than a mere byproduct of walking. When we walk our arms naturally swing by our side (except for when we are holding an object). This natural ‘out of phase’ (oppositearm and leg) motion is important for a number of elements of our physical health.

When possible we would like our arms to be free to sway. As we know, arm motion isn’t necessary for walking but we miss out on the benefits when we completely exclude it. Arm swing is also something that changes with our age and activity, for example we can actively pump our arms when running to help generate more force and babies walk with their arms out wide to enhance their balance.

Benefits of arm swing

The benefits of arm swing include;

In motion, we create a counter balance as the opposite arm and leg simultaneously swing forwards (Meyns, Bruijn & Duysens, 2013).  Interestingly, balance has been found to be a minor component of arm swing, the energy conservation of the lower limbs was shown to be of greater value (Park, 2008). Without delving too far into biomechanics, we can think about the left leg swinging clockwise when we step forwards (please see picture below). When the right arm swings counterclockwise this counteracts the leg motion and reduces the torque of the joints and connective tissue of the lower limb (Meyns, Bruijn & Duysens, 2013). From this we can see that arm swing helps us conserve energy and protect the joints in our lower limbs.

When our arms swing we also get movement in the spine and ribcage, as a result we get this beautiful chain of motion from the fingertips all the way throughout the body. This gentle motion helps with fluid flow in the upper body. Our body relies on movement from muscles and gravity to help pump blood and lymph all around the body. Adding in more movement from our arm swing we also help stretch out the tissues in the upper body. It will even help stretch out fascia (internal connective tissue that wraps around organs and muscles and provides support) and various other connective tissues that typically get shortened with a sedentary lifestyle.

Motion is lotion

When we have the opportunity to add in gentle, safe movement in our daily lives we should. Some practical tips to increase your arm swing include:

If you have pain, something feels wrong or you’re not sure about your arm swing you can always make an appointment with one of our Osteopaths at The A Life. We can analyse your movements, provide you with pain relief and a plan to get you back on track.

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