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Osteopathy & Chronic Pain Management

Did you know Osteopaths can support you through Chronic conditions along side your GP? Our Osteopath Fauntine answers all your questions below!

Q: Is Osteopathy covered by Medicare?

A: Sometimes. Osteopathy usually falls into the bracket of Private Healthcare however one can receive a Medicare rebate if they are a patient on the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program. This was formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care or EPC. 

Q: What is the CDM program?  

A: The CDM program is run by the Australian Government enabling General Practitioners (GPs) to refer patients to an allied healthcare practitioner (eg/ Osteopath) for treatment of chronic medical conditions.

Q: How does the CDM program work?

A: The process begins with a patient visiting the GP whereby they will decide if the patient is eligible for the program and which services would be of benefit. The GP then refers the patient for up to 5 consultations with an Allied Healthcare Professional (eg/ Osteopath) in one calendar year. 

The GP will be responsible for reviewing and revising the patient’s program. They will be in contact with the patient’s Osteopath who will be providing the GP with reports and updates. 

The Medicare rebate will cover $52.95 of each treatment leaving the gap to be paid for by the patient. 

StandardCDM patients
Initial appointment$115.00$62.05 ($115-52.95)
Subsequent appointment$88.00$35.05 ($88-52.95)

Q: Does The A Life see patients on CDM programs? 

A: Yes. If you are on a CDM program please ensure you have all the completed paperwork from your GP before your first Osteo consultation. 

To learn more about The A Life or to book in an Osteopathy treatment call us on 90413332 or book in below.


August 7, 2019

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