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Marty’s recipe was inspired by Gnom Gnom with a few adjustments and cater for a vegan option.

I’ve always enjoyed the combination of peanut butter and chocolate so this immediately became my favourite snack.  It’s also VERY filling so you shouldn’t have to worry about eating too much of it.


– 140 g x Peanut Butter (I prefer smooth)
– 125 g x Grass-Fed Butter. ***Coconut Oil for Vegan Option. The softer the better.
– 2 x Eggs ***For Vegan option use 3 TBSP x Chia Seeds mixed with 5 – 6 TBSP of Nut Milk.  To be  mixed in a cup until they chai seeds absorbs the milk.
– 160 g x Almond Meal
– 3/4 x Baking Powder
– 90 g x Dark Chocolate Chips or Chunks
– 90 g or 7 TBSP x Rice Syrup
– Sea Salt for Garnish (optional)


***If you choose the vegan option, prepare your Chia- nut milk first.  This needs a few minutes for the chia to absorb the milk. This is you egg replacement which helps bind the other ingredients together.

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees celsius.

2. Place peanut butter, Grass Fed – Butter (or Coconut oil for vegan option), Rice Syrup, Eggs (Chia + Nut Milk mix for Vegan option) and mix all together until all the ingredients have combined. You should end up with a thick mixture

3. Add Almond Meal and Baking Powder into the mixture. Give this a good hard whisk through for at least a minute.

4. Begin to add the dark chocolate and give the mixture a good whisk until theres even amounts of chocolate spreads out.

5. Transfer the mixture to a baking dish and put it in the oven for 15 minutes.

6. I like to rotate the baking dish from front to back and put it in for another 7 minutes or at least when the mixture starts to get a golden brown colour. Baking should be longer than 25 minutes or so.

7.  Once finished, let it cool down, sprinkle some salt and place in the fridge for at least 1 hour before you cut it up and enjoy.  BUT I like to have it hot straight outta the oven, you’ll just have to serve it on a plate.

ENJOY… Tag us on instagram if you give it a try!


October 8, 2019

  1. Andrea says:

    Those sound so good & easy to make! Yum! Thanks for Sharing!

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