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7 Ways to be a better mover that’s not “Exercise”.

HOW you move ALL the time matters, I would even go as far as saying it matters more than the class you do once or twice per week. Our bodies are so adaptable if we give it the right environment and create good movement habits. So start with these 7 tips and get really good at them!

If your goal is to improve the way you move and feel over the way you look, then you need to be doing these things over and above your exercise regime. They are my top tips to becoming a more capable, and functional human (this is also the fountain of youth, but no biggie).

  1. Have your meals on the floor. During the week sit around a coffee table and try exploring different sitting positions
  2. Hang on the monkey bars! Remember the days as a kid you could traverse across the monkey bars? Give it a try and build it back up if you are shocked how hard it feels.
  3. Squat more! Reading a book or waiting for the bus? Find times in your day to hang out in a deep resting squat. Put a towel under your heels if you have tight calves.
  4. Don’t get stuck in one position too long. Your body doesn’t like it! Whether it’s a big work project or a long drive you need to be disciplined & aware enough to take regular movement breaks. Shake it out, have a stretch, or do some active squats for blood flow!
  5. Spend most of your day barefoot! Wake up those nerves in your feet & let them naturally support you, move and breathe like they should.
  6. Crawl! Spend time each day exploring crawling in every direction. It is whole body, works your core, weight bears through your joints ✔️
  7. Build up your body awareness AKA feeling! Warning- this one takes SLOWING DOWN. But when we slow down, we are then able to breathe deeper, notice how we feel and intentionally let tension we are holding in the body GO.

I am sure there are many more things to fit in your day, but theses are the main ones I commit to daily. What are your movement hacks? I would love to know!


December 14, 2020

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