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How To Have a Happy, Healthy Holidays

Christmas. It’s my favourite time of the year! It’s a time for family, friends, warm summers day, big feast and the occasional toast with a glass of bubbly.

But it’s also the hardest time of the year for most people, when it comes to keep their healthy habits. Routines go out the window and we become far more relaxed about our eating choices.

But there are some simple things you can do to support yourself over this period, so that you keep feeling healthy, vital and full of energy.

Tip 1:

Less is more

Holidays are a beautiful time of the year where you get to sleep in and do as much or as little as you want with your day! So why not make the most of that? Indulge in a sleep in, have brunch and reduce the amount of snacks you have during the day. Practice a little intermittent fasting with a window of 12 to 16 hours of fasting. Your digestion will thank you for it, and you might just be able to tolerate those heartier meals a bit better!

Tip 2:

Be mindful. It’s still 80/20.

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean all the healthy foods we love need to be forgotten. Plan ahead, see what’s on your agenda, and ensure you are having balanced meals in between your indulgences. 80/20. It’s a principle that extends all year round.

Tip 3:

Stay hydrated

Its summer. It’s warm! We are out and about more, and often drinking water just isn’t a priority. But it should be. Keep a water bottle handy, make it fancy with fresh herbs and fruits. And if you are celebrating the holidays with a few glasses of wine, champagne or beer, then be even more mindful of getting enough water!

Tip 4:

Practice, your selfcare practice.

Just because you’re on holidays and you’re living your best life, with very little routine – doesn’t mean that your selfcare practice needs to go out the window! Be sure to keep at least one selfcare practice over the Christmas break so that you don’t get burnt out or overwhelmed. In order to give our energy freely to others, we need to ensure we are filling up our own cup! For me my morning mediation is a non-negotiable and something I will keep doing over the Christmas break!

From all of us at The A Life, we hope you have a happy and healthy holiday break! We are looking forward to a big 2019, serving you in the best way we can.

Our clinic will be closed from Saturday 22 December to Saturday 5 January. Get in early and book in with our Osteo’s or Nutritionist for the new year to get 2019 off to the right start!


December 10, 2018

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