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Keep Calm & Keep your Immune System Strong

Of course maintaining good hygiene, social distancing and common sense will have a positive impact on slowing down the spread of viruses. But here are a few extra tips to help empower you to stay calm through these times.

1. Nourishment – nutrient dense whole foods

Unfortunately the foods people are panic buying at the supermarkets are nutritionally “empty” foods. A healthy gut is vital for a strong immune system, in fact 60-70% of our immune system resides in our gut. Include lots of veggies and greens in your diet along with immune boosting foods like fresh ginger, turmeric, bone broths, oranges and berries. This might be a good time to grab a quality greens powder and add it to your morning smoothie!

2. Support your Immune system with good quality supplements

There is a lot we can do more than just our diet to keep ourselves healthy. – – A good quality Vitamin C Supplement with bioflavonoids is the best nutrient to load up on.
– Zinc is beneficial to support Immunity if you are deficient. (About 20-30% of people in developed nations are actually zinc deficient.)
– Vitamin D3 is also a beneficial supplement if you have not been getting enough sunlight exposure. (About 20 minutes of skin to sun per day is optimal).
I recommend booking in to see the Naturopath at The A Life, if you need support in getting an Immune boosting Supplement regime. You can book that in here.

4. Reduce the toxic load on your body

Be mindful of the cleaning and personal care products you are using in your home. Unfortunately many of the products on supermarket shelves
contain ingredients that are carcinogenic, hormone disrupting, known
skin, eye and lung irritants, and compromise your immune system.

The products you use in the home is within your control and everything you spray in your home and put on your skin goes into your bloodstream and your organs, and can get stored in your cells as fat.

Start with simple switches, we love using essential oils that are effective at killing germs and bacteria. Check out our upcoming workshop here.

4. Move outside

Getting out in nature, breathing in fresh air, enjoying the beauty of mother earth not only calms the mind but if you have skin exposed, you can get the extra benefits of Vitamin D which stimulates Serotonin (the happy hormone!). Extra points if you get your feet on the earth for the grounding benefits which can help reduce inflammation and boost your immunity.

5. Deep breaths

The only thing that creates fear are our thoughts, so in chaotic times our mindset is more important than ever. Our emotions in response to these thoughts can negatively or positively impact our health. I am not saying don’t watch the news, yes it is important to be informed but it may be helpful to be more conscious of how much negative energy you are consuming and surrounding yourself with in a day.
Being in a parasympathetic (rest, digest & recover) state is paramount to be able to have an effective immune system and heal our bodies.
A daily meditation practice or taking deep breaths (with longer exhales) is a great way to come back to this state.


March 15, 2020

  1. Milan says:

    Our spirit and our Human energy fiEld can GENERATE any microelement required, when we have the positive view in Daily life.

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