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Are You Waking Up Stiff?

Joint stiffness in the morning can commonly be a result of inflammation, your mattress or a lack of movement.
These 3 things are a good place to start when investigating the cause of your stiffness.

1. Ask yourself… “what did I eat or drink yesterday that may link to how I feel this morning?”
Sometimes it’s helpful to keep a little diary, and over a couple of weeks a pattern might emerge between the days you have consumed eg. alcohol and the mornings you wake up stiff.

2. How old is your mattress? Yes, we can all be guilty of putting a new mattress low on the priority list. However, think about how many hours you lay on it over how many years! Very important, and often forgotten.

3. Did you exercise yesterday? This one can go either way to contribute too or alleviate joint stiffness. For example, if you have over exercised and placed a high load/strain on your body you will wake up feeling stiff. On the other hand if you spent the previous day sitting at a desk, followed by the couch and didn’t give your body some nutritious movement to get the blood flowing and joints lubricated you will also feel stiff.
This one is all about finding the right balance for you!

Our Osteopaths take the time to help you figure out if your movement and exercise habits are in balance, if you aren’t sure we are here to help! 

Written by Liana Ioannidis


July 21, 2020

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