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Feet are Foundation

Each day you spend a portion of time thinking about different parts of your body, for example some people may think about tightness in their shoulders, their teeth or hair when they look in the mirror, their legs on a run or arms in pilates. Everyones mental list would look a little different, but how often do you think about your feet? How often do you specifically move them or train them?

Why feet are so important.

Our feet are the foundation for so many of our daily movements, and how they do or don’t function sends a message to the rest of your body.
Let me phrase it this way… Would you buy a house without checking the structure of the floor? If the floor is sloping 10 degrees then the walls might start to crack or the roof start to leak.

As Osteopaths we get to problem solve the root cause of peoples musculoskeletal pain. If I didn’t take into consideration the persons feet I could potentially miss a huge piece of the puzzle.
If you have had ongoing and unresolved pain, and you haven’t had a functional assessment that includes looking at your gait and how your feet move then I recommend booking an Osteopathy consult.

If you don’t have any concerns, but realise that you have forgotten your feet. We recommend starting with our FREE YOUR FEET KIT that comes with a complimentary 30 minute foot class.
This class shows you easy and fun exercises to build strength and mobility into your feet.


September 16, 2020

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