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If your home is now your workplace, ensuring your safety and wellbeing in a new environment is now your priority.


  • Avoid static postures for prolonged periods of time
  • Every 30 minutes of work take a quick movement break
  • Every 20 minutes give your eyes a break from the screen (look away into the distance somewhere, outside or through a window is optimal)
  • Find a variety of locations to set up at home to change up your position


  • Choose a space in the home with the most natural lighting
  • If you don’t have a dedicated office, your dining room table is preferred over the couch or bed
  • Ensure that any hazards, cords /cables are safely put away/stored prior to work
  • Clear your space from daily distractions


  • The chair is a key part of supporting you while completing computer/laptop work
  • An adjustable /ergonomic chair is optimal, otherwise if you are using a dining room chair utilize the back rest and take adequate breaks.
  • If you can alternate from a chair set up to a standing set up, this is optimal.


  • Prolonged use of laptops (>60 minutes periods) can place stress on your upper limbs and neck.
  • If you have a monitor at home, plug your monitor into the laptop to improve your neck posture
  • If you have a spare key board, raise the laptop screen to eye height to support your neck posture.
  • Locate your screen about one arms-length away from you, while ensuring if you are using a laptop that it is still acomfortable viewing distance for you
  • If possible, use an external mouse and keyboard.
  • Ensure your forearms are supported on a surface as much as possible when working

Lastly, if you have any concerns while working from home, ensure you notify employer immediately.

We also offer skype consultations with one of our qualified Osteos if you need support on stretches, exercises and ergonomic set up.

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This is information is sourced from Corporate Work Health Australia and our Osteopathic team at The A Life.

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