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Body weight exercise for beginners

Firstly, body weight exercise is not just for beginners but it is certainly a good place to start! It is gives you the opportunity to develop strength & mobility in the body.

Doing body weight strength work at home gives you the ability to SCALE to your own ability so you can improve with consistency.

There is no substitute for effort when it comes to building strength & mobility.

For example take a push up . You can start with your upper body elevated on a chair or table so that you can finish a full set while keeping good form. To do 25 push ups in one go would be quite a challenge so instead you can break it up to 5 x 5 push ups.

push up

Take as much time in between sets as you need to – we go for quality always!

Consistency is key.

We all know this, but if you then do your 25 push ups (5×5), 3 times per week that’s 75 push ups! With good form and consistency you will be able to go from using the table, to kneeling, to full push with time!

Beginner Body weight Strength Tips

A few final tips so ensure you get stronger and stick with it…

  • Don’t rush, if you want to build strength & stability you need to be aware of what you are doing all the time, so take your time.
  • Be presents & explore your active range of motion. This way you will always learn something about your body when you move!
  • Do not push though pain. Drop the “no pain no gain” mentality and listen to your body.
  • Be consistent! Break it up so you have rest days and get it in friends, if you need accountability do it with a friend.

Our online studio The A Life Anywhere, is open to any level mover and great place to start if you are ready to build strength & mobility from the ground up.


September 26, 2020

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